Tirumala Medical Academy

Quality education driven by values

The first integrated campus in Nizamabad


Over Twelve years ago, one man, Dr Parameshwar Reddy , had a vision which ensured that everything he did then, was consigned to posterity, making sure that generation after generation of students enjoy the fruits of his labour till eternity in this place. And the students will, forever, have one name on their lips, that of Tirumala .  

Tirumala Medical Academy  is a name to remember, not just across the length and breadth of India, but worldwide. The fact that students from Tirumala  are placed in the best Hospitals and Institutions around the World , is a testimony to its fame.


    *      Produce skilled and competent human resources in health who are imbued with human values and are capable of serving anywhere in the world.
    *      Collaboration with many Super and Multispeciality hospitals as well as MNC’s  in all matters of medical , Paramedical  , technical  education and services.
Health Service:

    *      Provide health services of high quality through its various departments.
    *      Participate in all government health programs as an equal partner in providing health services.

Supervision and monitoring:

 *      To establish monitoring and evaluation system for better evaluation of the health services and its implementation.
 *      Implement faculty and staff development plan.


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